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It’s come to my attention that there is a barely legal gallery called BROADWAY GALLERY located in SoHo which sends out unsolicited emails to artists offering to feature them in a show. A quick google search of the phrase, “broadway gallery, scam” shows many people questioning whether this gallery charging them a representation fee is legitimate. This gallery does not OUTRIGHT steal anyone’s money, and I don’t think they do anything 100% illegal. Yes, they publish their artists in NY Arts Magazine, but this publication is not as prestigious as the gallery (who publishes the magazine) will lead you to believe (actually, very few of the links of the magazine’s site work). This gallery is NOT in the official NY Gallery Guide. Apparently this gallery space is not even always open to the public. 

I do not want to embarrass anyone, I was sitting next to one of my closest friends when we both excitedly read an email about her being considered for a show. We were luckily tipped off about it shortly after. So I’m definitely not trying to say I’m too smart to fall for this, I just want everyone to be informed. It appears they are targeting people from my school’s featured portfolios because I know a lot of people from SVA have been contacted by them.  

Maybe they don’t charge for every show and people have worked out other deals with them, I really don’t want to make assumptions. But please be careful, do not sign a contract with these people, and ASK about representation fees. Do research, ask other galleries if they know about this because I hear they are fairly well known for this scheme. 

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Ask the gallery what their deal is:

Broadway Gallery

473 Broadway, 7th Floor
between Broome St. & Grand St.
tel. 212-274-8993
Abraham Lubelski

Resident Curators:
Abraham Lubelski
Raquel Contreras
Peter Caine
Samantha Darling
Diana Davis
Megan Greenwich

Twitter: @BwayGallery

Facebook: Broadway Gallery

they are under the umbrella of WORLD ART MEDIA which runs a variety of art related scams.

Here is a blog post where someone else is bringing attention to this with some more sources. She did more homework than me.

“NYArts Magazine promises promotion, publicity and articles in their magazine and a show in their gallery, 450 BROADWAY GALLERY, which, although it exists in the inaccessible, interminable, unclimable 4th floor walkup at that address, isn’t even listed on the local Gallery Guide. It IS listed in, where else, in 
NYArts Magazine

With fewer than 10,000 circulation, I have personally seen hundreds of issues just sitting there in their offices. And that impressive “MONTHLY DISTRIBUTION – Available monthly at over 2,000 U.S. and international locations”, the only place I’ve ever actually seen it sold is a news stand two doors away from their SoHo offices at 473 Broadway.
From the 
X Museum: “Yes, add NYArts Magazine to this list. I have been BADGERED
by that publisher to buy advertising there.”

even if nobody ever sees it.
By the way, they don’t even pay their writers who are freelancers writing for the by-line.”